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"It can be horrible when you don't hear it," he said. I bet they are both interested and engaged in your life and your thoughts, and taught you a lot when you were growing up -- you probably saw it as invasive and irritating at times, and "moped" as you did when shopping in Colorado -- but wow, would that were my familial situation!"I can't imagine being a staff writer on a show for somebody else.""Hear it? ) It's the images the in the Red Book that are far more interesting than the text: Kinda like, "Don't know much about the middle ages, I look at the pictures and turn the pages.... v=tcld Mz SJbi U sparker Micah, please do get back to your blog here after you read Jung's Red Book or even your perceptions as you are reading it.During my visit, my father and I went with my stepmother to a touristy mountain town to walk around and shop. One of his longest running creative projects is collecting and painting miniature figurines of almost everything you can imagine, from soldiers to ballerinas to priests and everything in between.Altogether, I believe it may be the largest collection of archetypes that exists in the world."Do you have any hobbies?He told me that he'd started making real changes: cutting his work load a bit, planning trips to places he wanted to go, taking time to just enjoy the day.

Having read the article and references to the book in Jung's memoir, I was eager to see it.

I'd wake each morning with a terrifying existential malaise about the day ahead. The words were like raw lava spilling and splashing over me, hot but retaining no shape. I set aside a day to begin reading it, but when that day came, I approached the kitchen table where the gigantic red thing awaited me and couldn't muster up the energy. He'd pre-ordered the book over a year before it was published so I knew he'd been one of the first to receive it."I haven't read it," he told me. During this visit home he showed me his latest creations, which he called Dream Cards.

Should I go out to breakfast or eat cereal at home? As I stumbled out of the office, my editor's assistant asked me what I thought. I became extremely tired at the sight of it, and, like the death scene of Atreyu's horse Artax in ? Roughly the same shape as Tarot cards, he'd illustrate an image or a figure from a dream and make a picture with words out of it.

" my dad asked me, interrupting his search, as well as my staring off with a blank expression into the distance.

I thought he was just trying to make conversation; he does that sometimes when I'm silent."No," I said, and left it at that.

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