Server 2016 not updating from wsus

The external server then rolls-up all client status to the internal server.

Regarding RAM I don't know the realistic minimum, but I'd say 4GB RAM . This is possible because the clients who request the IP address of WSUS. COM inside your network can be given your internal WSUS server, and external clients who request the IP address of WSUS. COM will be given your publicly-accessible server in the DMZ. How to configure the servers themselves will be later in the guide.For WSUS I use a 60GB OS disk and a 150GB storage disk.Your requirements will vary drastically depending on the breadth of software in your organization. There's no reason a TLS certificate can only be on one server.WSUS is notorious for degrading over time and increasing in storage costs without extreme administrative intervention.Additionally, it is disposable infrastructure as it contains no business nor historical data.

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Communications with your WSUS server over untrusted networks should be protected with HTTPS, so you'll need a TLS (formerly SSL) certificate for WSUS. There are several fundamental differences in configuring a replica server, please follow instructions very carefully.

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