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The previously posted posts on your Google business account are automatically transferred to Currents.

If you are admin to the Google page of your organization, you can access the beta program for your business by sending a request email at Currents [email protected]

You are required to use at least five characters when creating your short name.

It’s recommended the name to represent your brand and location. However, keep in mind that after updating your name, there is a chance your initially chosen name not to be available later.

It’s worth noting that customers can also engage with your product content through the Product Posts.

Now the content including photos, text posts, and videos from consumer Google accounts is being deleted.

Google announced that this process will take a few months and that some parts of Google profiles will still be visible during this period.

To see documents published before a given date or a year, add “before: YYYY-MM-DD”/”before: YYYY” to your search query.

By using “after: YYYY: MM: DD””/”after: YYYY” you will get results after a specific date.

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The short URL sends out customers to your business profile on Google Maps.

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