Sedating antihistamines for anxiety

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been shown to be as effective as medications for anxiety disorders and is considered to be first-line treatment for these conditions.The advantage of psychotherapy over medications is that the benefits tend to persist beyond the end of treatment.Medsafe sought expert committee advice on sedating antihistamines, resulting in regulatory changes regarding their use.

This may be particularly true in the primary care setting, where anxiety disorders are frequently treated.

These drugs are primarily prescribed for uneven heartbeat and high blood pressure, but they have been found to be helpful for treating the feelings that come with high-pressure situations.

Propranalol is the most commonly prescribed beta-blocker."Beta-blockers can be very helpful but in a limited way," says Dr. "They are most commonly used for performance anxiety.

The reason for this is easy to see; recovery achieved in therapy occurs via learning, and when you have learned that something isn't dangerous you don't fear it anymore.

Conversely, when anxiety is treated by using a medication, the recovery often depends on the continued use of that medication.

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