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Remember when The Hive used to be called Honeycomb? Soon you’ll be an expert at the names of long-forgotten Edinburgh haunts, even if you’d never been there yourself.3.

We’ll (probably) support either Hearts or Hibs If your date’s a football fan, it will very quickly become clear whether they’re a Hearts or Hibs supporter.

But we’ll still complain about tourists during the Fringe Despite the possibility of meeting a celebrity, there’s nothing we love more than complaining about all the tourists and festival-goers during the summer months.

We’ll be counting down the days to September so we no longer get attacked with flyers everywhere we go and can make it to the shops and back without a half hour delay due to slow walking tourists.

The trams tend to divide opinion in this city, but one way or the other we’re sure to let you know exactly how we feel about this mode of transport.

Some Edinburgers have quietly accepted that the trams are actually quite useful sometimes, whilst others will still refuse to use them just on principle.12.

But we’ll always thank the driver anyway Even if the driver did take the wrong route, we’ll rarely get off the bus without saying a quick thank you.

It’s common courtesy to say cheers to the driver as you hop off at your stop, so to blend in well with the Edinburgh natives, just be polite.

If you’re dating an Edinburger but you’re not from the city yourself, we’ll take every opportunity possible to remind you of this fact.

We know all the hidden gems One of the best things about dating someone from Edinburgh is that we know all the best hidden gems.

Venture outside of the city centre and we’ll be able to recommend all the best pubs and cafés that only locals know about.

Our order will almost certainly include chips with that classic Edinburgh delicacy, salt and sauce.

Although wary at first, you’ll end up stealing a few chips and finding out for yourself why Edinburgh natives love the chippy sauce so much. We know the history of Edinburgh’s bars Whenever you go to a new restaurant, bar or club for a date, we’ll give you a list of every previous name that particular establishment has ever had.

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Any time you’re watching a comedy panel show on TV together, we’ll tell you the tale of that one time Seann Walsh bought them a kebab or that other time we ran into David Mitchell in Tesco.

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