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Due to an enforced separation between men and women in public, the opportunities for women's employment remain limited, with the vast majority of working women employed in the kingdom's single-sex education bureaucracy or in health care.

At the same time, new opportunities have opened up in women-only manufacturing and shopping malls, the hospitality industry, and government commissions that cater to women's needs.

In his Vision 2030 decree last year, Saudi Arabia’s powerful new defense minister and deputy crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, called for a more open society.

He said that women were an important part of that society and should be allowed to play a greater role.

The Saudi Embassy in Manila issued a statement calling Ms.

Lasloom’s return a “family matter.” The Philippine authorities denied returning her against her will.“Cases like Dina’s case are the direct result of a system that keeps women in a perpetual state of being a minor,” said Ahmed Benchemsi, a researcher for Human Rights Watch.

Fellow activists were soon spreading news of her case on social media sites.

The three cases are part of a campaign by Saudi women, who have been broadcasting daring videos with their cellphones, using Facebook to organize street protests and posting Twitter messages to challenge the very idea of male supremacy in their famously patriarchal society.

Before they arrived, she borrowed a phone from a Canadian woman at the airport and recorded her plea for help.“If my family come, they will kill me,” she said in the cellphone recording.

Furthermore, some courses of study that were previously closed to women, such as engineering and law, are now available to them on the premise that work in these fields will become more widely available to women in the future.

Higher education, in fact, is one area in which women have significantly out-performed men in terms of Ph D degrees earned.

A healthy majority of Saudi citizens agree with the social agenda of the ulema, and would not view the inequalities between men and women as discrimination, but as equivalence – a balance between the rights and duties of men and women as prescribed in Islam and necessary to uphold honor and family values.

A vigorous progressive movement, however, is pushing to improve women's bargaining power in Islamic family law courts and to create parity with men in terms of civil rights, including the right to vote, drive, work, and obtain better access to health care and educational opportunities.

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