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I feel like the scientific theory can explain it better,” Rukabuza adds.

TV Presenter Axelle Umutesi begs to differ saying she personally does not think it’s the issue of being shy but rather arrogance and lack of exposure.

I love to help people give them what I have regardless of what it is.

I love swimming, traveling, reading and making new friends.

Some will tell you that they fear rejection but that is part of life, some things will work out and some others won’t,” Kamikazi says.

Maybe, so in this case expectations of men could be an issue.

Same way women have expectations that the men don’t meet,” Rutarindwa notes.

But this is a two way thing; men shouldn’t be the only ones to be blamed, the singer says.

He however believes that dating people from other cultures wouldn’t be a bad idea since it will help Rwandans open up.

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In her tweet, Ikilezi called onto men to step up their dating game blaming them for making Rwandan women opt for foreigners. seriously, this has been the driest dating market I have *ever* experienced, lawd ... Yall are handsome, intelligent …What’s the problem? She on the other hand thinks that it is the uncertainty of today’s relationships that at times keeps men at bay.

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