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This email got me thinking about the many many questions men and women have when dating after divorce.

It's kind of like hanging out with your platonic female divorced friend and hearing her perspective on your divorce and your love life issues. If it's crowded, it may actually be a good idea to walk in front a little.

But it is wise to hold off on the dating scene until after your divorce is finalized for a number of strategic, legal, and emotional reasons.

Strategic reasons not to date before divorce Emotions are raw during a divorce.

A tabloid story about Jennifer Aniston setting new “ground rules” for dating is completely made-up.

The actress herself has made it clear she’s focused on her career and isn’t making dating a priority at this time. According to , the actress is determined to embark on a new chapter in her life when it comes to romance.

The actress explained, “When they came to an end, it was a choice that was made because we chose to be happy.” She added, “When the work has been put in and it doesn’t seem that there’s an option of it working, that’s okay.

That’s not a failure.” The actress made no mention of reevaluating her approach to relationships. “Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Having Baby After Rekindling Romance?

Even if your husband has carried on numerous affairs during your marriage, he will not think that you are justified in seeing someone new at this time.

If you have children, then you also need to realize that it's in your best interest to try to keep a cordial relationship with your husband.

You will most likely have ongoing contact with your husband after the divorce because of the children.

“Jen’s looking for love again, but now she has ground rules,” a supposed source tells the magazine, adding that Aniston’s marriages to Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux have made her rethink her approach to finding a partner.

“No more going with her heart and instincts alone,” adds the alleged insider.

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