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Most of the rest of the archdiocese's officials and the chapter favoured Henry Murdac.The disputed election was decided by the pope, who declared Murdac the new archbishop and gave the vacant bishopric of Chichester to Hilary.When William attempted to enter York on , Robert, along with Osbert de Bayeux, tried to prevent his entry, but their attempt was unsuccessful and they then went to Theobald of Bec, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and appealed in vain against William's actions.Osbert was later accused of poisoning William, and was deprived of his office and clerical status when he could not clear himself from the accusation.He is not mentioned often in documents from his time as chancellor, but why this is so is unknown. Robert was slightly involved in the disputes over who would be Archbishop of York in the late 1140s and 1150s, but it is likely that his chancellorship prevented his deeper involvement in diocesan affairs.He was no longer chancellor after the death of Stephen, but probably continued to hold the office of dean until his death around 1157 or 1158.His last secure attestation as dean is in October 1154.

Probably, it was Robert's involvement in secular office as chancellor that restricted his activities with his ecclesiastical office.Although Robert was associated with Osbert's opposition to William, there is no evidence that Robert was ever thought to have been involved in the possible poisoning of William.Robert's successor as dean, Robert Butevilain, is first securely attested as dean on , and the last secure date for his holding his previous office is 13 December 1157, which suggests that Robert of Ghent died in between those dates, or shortly before the earlier date.Hugh de Montfort-sur-Risle, Gilbert de Gant – who died before his father, and Walter de Gant.If Robert was a son of Gilbert, he was a younger son, probably the youngest of the four brothers, and probably was born sometime around 1085, as his supposed parents married about 1075 and there were older siblings.

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