Rick genest and lady gaga dating

Genest holds a Guinness World Record for the most insect tattoos on his body (a total of 176), as well as another record for the most human bone tattoos at 139.

Rick died outside his home in Montreal after he fell from his third-floor balcony.Update – August 4: Following Lady Gaga's tribute to Rick 'Zombie Boy' Genest, his manager has disputed reports that he died by suicide.Genest famously appeared in Gaga's 'Born This Way' music video, and was found dead in his home in Montreal, Canada in what is being reported as an apparent suicide."For us, the family and close entourage, we feel there's too many inconsistencies around his death to rule it as a suicide, and for people to jump to conclusions that rapidly was disappointing," Genest's manager Karim Leduc told He also confirmed that Genest died after falling from a balcony."The balcony from which he fell on the third floor was a very dangerous balcony," Leduc added.

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