Reverse dns records not updating

Learn more about DNS Zones » Before getting started with setting up reverse DNS within your Dyn account, contact your IP provider and confirm that they allow delegation of your reverse DNS zone.If they do not allow delegation, typically they can host your pointer record (PTR) for you and no reverse DNS configurations are required within your Dyn account.Setting up a reverse DNS zone is slightly different for the two types of IP address blocks.Use the following procedures to successfully setup a reverse DNS zone for your IP address block type.Use the following procedures to set up a reverse DNS zone for your IP address block type.

This period of time is called propagation, and it applies to any and all DNS updates.

If they do allow delegation, confirm the exact syntax of the reverse DNS hostname with them as some providers use slashes and some use dashes.

Additionally, if you are delegating a reverse DNS zone, confirm that this zone matches exactly what you configure in your Dyn account as this is necessary in order for delegation to work properly.

Before setting the reverse DNS for your Linode, configure your domain zone and DNS records through Linode’s DNS Manager.

See our Introduction to DNS Records and Common DNS Configurations guides for more information about PTR and DNS.

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