Revalidating medicare enrollment

Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) providers will receive notification letters when it is time to revalidate their enrollments.

Notifications with instructions for revalidating are sent 90 and 60 days in advance of the revalidation due date.

The OMAG serves as delegated surrogates and prepares an enrollment application on behalf of providers via PECOS. Lv1 How to E-sign Once the OMAG prepares and completes the enrollment application, an email will be sent to the providers with instructions, PECOS username and a separate email with PECOS password.

The reassignment will not affect or change any of the current enrollments.

Medicare Enrollment Requirements Medicare requires physicians to complete 855i and 855r applications.

Providers that fail to revalidate in a timely manner will be disenrolled from participation in the IHCP.

Nelly Eck – 415-514-2711 Laly Sacro- 415-514-2664 CMS posts a list of providers that are due for revalidation.Internet-based PECOS allows physicians, non-physician practitioners and provider and supplier organizations to enroll, make changes in their Medicare enrollment, view their Medicare enrollment information on file with Medicare, or check Medicare enrollment status.For more information about the Internet-based PECOS, please click Lv1 What is reassignment?In addition, a crosswalk to the organizations that the individual provider reassigns benefits will also be available at https://gov/revalidation.Note: Available to users is a revalidation due date lookup tool or the ability to download the entire data set.

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