Reasons for dating a nurse

He or she might need to talk through the day’s challenges and that means you need to be a good listener as well.There are as many negatives with nursing schedules as there are positives.Nurses are on the forefront of the healthcare industry.They’re often the first point of contact for patients and they’re also the ones there to provide comfort and support during times of crisis.

We don't freak out looking at qualmish bloods and fluids.Nursing is an incredibly demanding profession full of the most selfless people out there.They give and give unto themselves and so when it comes to dating they need to have a partner who understands the demands of their job (and the things they can’t control, like overtime, schedule changes and stress, or night shifts) as well as someone who can support their emotional needs.There are many different kinds of nurses, from RNs to nurse practitioners and a variety of specialized nurses, and understanding the complexities of the nursing field will help you to successfully date a nurse.The most important thing to know about dating a nurse is that not all nurses are the same.

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