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Under closed system conditions, calcite dissolution by carbonic acid leads to a 50% dilution of the ].

In these cases, the consumption or preparation of large amounts of freshwater fish lead to spurious apparent ages of the bones and pottery.

Reservoir effects should therefore be considered whenever food remains on pottery or the bones of omnivores are radiocarbon dated - irrespective of the site’s distance to the coast.

Throughout the entire history of radiocarbon dating, new sources of error have appeared, have been examined, and corrections have been found. This type of sample is called samples) or in freshwater systems such as lakes and rivers.

Modern samples of water, aquatic plants, fish and shellfish from the rivers Alster and Trave have been collected.

Archaeological samples were provided from the Late Mesolithic sites of Kayhude/Alster and Schlamersdorf/Trave.

Material for AMS Both modern shells, collected from the Northern German rivers, and shells from the sediment core in the Limfjord were pretreated with the following method: Shells were cleaned with ultrasound in demineralised water.

HCl-pretreatment was therefore not considered necessary. A modified Longin-procedure with ultrafiltration was used []) in two parallel boreholes at a water depth of 390 cm below present sea level (bpsl).

The sediments consist of homogenous grey-brown marine clay gyttja.

It is therefore possible to study the influence of the freshwater reservoir effect on radiocarbon dates in the Limfjord over long time scales.

Details on this study area are provided in [This section describes the sample collection, chemical preparation, and measurement techniques.

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Therefore, modern river samples, archaeological samples from riparian sites, and samples from a fjord sediment core were radiocarbon dated.

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