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If both of you have the same tastes, you can be quite certain that you will at least have a good topic to talk about on your first real date.Knowing what your match does during his or her free time could help you decide if you are compatible with each other.However, it is possible to get a grasp of who your match truly is before setting up a date to meet face to face.Here are 17 essential questions for you to ask your match that could help you decide if it is the right time to take the next step.It can be quite entertaining to discover what they believe is the talent they have that distinguishes them.If they are willing to tell you about it, you know that they are at least welcoming and open.

Browse through the following lines and check out some funny dating questions to ask your beloved.

When I finally met him in person, expecting to be swept off my feet, he turned out to have lied about his age and was much older than what I was led to believe.

Needless to say, the romantic first date I thought I would have turned into a disaster. Online dating can get pretty awkward and uncomfortable when you first meet your match in real life.

Slot in some random and unexpected questions to keep the conversation interesting.

The answers will likely be quite entertaining, and you might even learn about his or her fears in a lighthearted way.

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