Puppy love dating game

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It sounds like a very soothing way to pass the time.

Also, not only can you pet the dog, but you can get a combo streak for doing so.

Ahhh, there’s nothing quite as sweet as puppy love…

especially when your puppy is the most adorable and cuddly puppy in all of Puppy Land! Your new puppy needs lots of love and attention to help her flourish and grow up!

Announced this week at Gamescom via a very charming trailer, is a video game in which you give a forever home to a pup, who then helps you find a forever home for your heart.

After moving to Rainbow Bay, meeting your new furry friend and starting to settle into your new community, you encounter several other attractive, single people and their dogs.

Some people just want a simple life, with good friends, a good partner, and some very good doggos.

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The feline guardian Freyz Inghart knows that he must put this right, as that curse is his alone to bear. Click your way through a pixelated fantasy world populated by a colorful cast of furry misfits gorgeously illustrated by Nai-chan.

Chuckle through a dumb story full of intrigue, magic and madness.

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