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By contrast, Exchange 2013 synchronizes public folder mailboxes by connecting to the mailbox that contains the primary hierarchy and adjusting a secondary copy based on the primary.

Synchronization is obviously tremendously important. Normally everything happens automatically and you should never have to interfere.

The good news is that the new scheme works for both on-premises and cloud deployments.

As usual, migration is a bit of a pain, but once you have moved the older public folders across to mailboxes, everything works quite nicely as long as you have clients that understand how to access the new content.

All other public folder mailboxes contain a not-writeable or secondary copy of the hierarchy that are updated by an Exchange mailbox assistant every 24 hours at a minimum, or every 15 minutes if clients are connected to a public folder mailbox that contains a secondary copy of the hierarchy.

Synchronization ensures that all of the public folder mailboxes present the same hierarchy to clients.

To their credit, Microsoft listened to customers and started to invest a small amount of engineering resource into public folders in Exchange 2007 and have continued on this path in Exchange 2010.

Instead of the legacy public folder database, the folders are stored in public folder mailboxes alongside other mailboxes (both user and system) in regular mailbox databases so that they can benefit from the investment Microsoft has made over the last decade to give Exchange many high availability features.

And of course, if you use public folders with Office 365, you won’t see any trace of these cmdlets because Microsoft takes care to maintain public folders in good health for its cloud tenants.

This content comes from a chapter removed from my book Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Inside Out, also available at uk (including a Kindle edition).

For space reasons to keep the book to a reasonable size, the chapter on public folders was removed.

This probably made sense as the book should really be focused on all the new technology that’s included in Exchange 2010 rather than the older stuff – and public folders have been around since 1996.

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By reference to the writeable copy, public folder mailboxes that hold secondary copies learn about additions and removals of public folders and the mailboxes that hold public folder content.

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