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There are many legit dating experts out there that you can seek out for help, but I would suggest you stay away from the commercialized types you see on television and only seek one out after you learn how to meet women in the first place.While these are not the well most known, they’ve been around the longest, tend to be the most professional, and have the least amount of negative strikes against their reputation.This guy would set his buddy up with all kinds of women that he knew to go on a date with, but every time, the women would say he was way too nice and boring and that they wouldn’t go on a second date with him.It wasn’t because he wasn’t a great guy, it was because he was like every other guy out there.So I ask, why do we tend to group different experts into the same category when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex?The answer is simple: ordinary people don’t know the difference. We will start with the pick-up artist, seeing as they are the ones who focus on the meeting stage, are newest on the scene, and surrounded by the most controversy.They say women should beware, because those guys don’t want relationships, and usually hang out in bars looking to prey on unsuspecting or drunk women who will fall for their slimy pickup techniques.They say that once an average Joe who couldn’t get dates or who already has a girlfriend learns these sneaky moves, he will turn into an unfaithful man-whore and be ruined for life. That would be like saying all women who get a gun permit and learn how to shoot will go around shooting any man who looks at them the wrong way.

There was once even a show where a guy yelled at women like a drill sergeant, telling them if they didn’t listen to him, they’d be single forever.If you had ever seen the show “The Pick-up Artist” that was on VH1, you’d think these guys were only out for one thing, and one thing only: SEX.Many experts and media types are quick to bash these guys.Like in the movie Spider Man, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Listen, there are many married men out there who at the first chance will cheat on their wives without even thinking about it.So, let’s look at the positives that can come from learning how to pick up women.

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