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I set Screen Updating to false and it finished in less than 5 seconds.Find(What:=Checklist_Date, After:=Active Cell, Look In:=xl Values, Look At:= _ xl Part, Search Order:=xl By Rows, Search Direction:=xl Next, Match Case:=False _ , Search Format:=False).

In June 2017 Microsoft issued an update for Excel 2016.Code Select all Expand view Collapse view Application. I have several report templates (spreadsheets) in one workbook. Display Alerts=False does not work, in other words excessive worksheets are not being deleted. This is the procedure: Public Sub Remove Extra Sheets(By Ref s As String) Dim e Item As Excel. Many times the macro may do quite a bit with the data, such as selecting different cells, replacing values or formulas, and taking other types of actions. If we set Screen Updating property to TRUE then it turns on the screen updating else turn off the screen updating. It is possible to remove the flickering by changing the Screen Updating property to False Your code will also run slightly faster when the screen updating property is set to.… Is there any way temporary disable the screen update & the change the calculate mode from automatic to manual like MS Excel does. When we set Screen Updating property of an application object to false then it will speed up the macro. continue reading » As cool as it looks watching your macro manipulate the screen, you can help it run faster if you turn off Screen Updating.

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A user can select one (or more) reports in vb screen (application is written in vb 6), data from a database are processed and send to the Excel template - then unnecessary worksheets are deleted.

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