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Documents with an international audience, including the Canadian passport, use the day-month-year format.The article le is required in prose except when including the day of the week in a date.Always make sure the landlord gives you a receipt, no matter how you pay your rent.Cancelled cheques and money orders can prove that you paid but not when you paid.It is not illegal to write a post dated check nor to give it out as long as there is no illegal intent.If you have concerns about this, use a different account for the cheques and transfer money to it monthly, or I believe there are pre-authorized debit schedules you can set up with your landlord's bank.It's just as convenient and is less stressful on the tenant But don't forget to send them!

But it is best to get a receipt at the same time you make the payment.In spite of its official status and broad usage, there is no binding legislation requiring the use of the Federal regulations for shelf life dates on perishable goods mandate a year/month/day format, but allow the month to be written in full, in both official languages, or with a set of standardized two-letter bilingual codes, such as 2016 English speakers use both the 24- and 12-hour clocks, while French speakers use the 24-hour clock universally.The Government of Canada recommends using the 24-hour clock to avoid ambiguity, and many industries require it.lost a bit of money due to his scummy behaviour If the cheques are post-dated, then no.The exact point of post dating them (usually first of each month) is to prevent that from happening.

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The government endorses all these forms when using words, but only recommends the ISO format for all-numeric dates to avoid error.

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