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The personal randomly generated quests pick from a pool of achievements you haven't earned for games you have in your library. I understand the time investment is not for everyone and the giveaway itself is not nearly as enticing as others.I personally adored Steam's Great Gift Pile concept all those years ago and thought people would be into it even today, but perhaps the times have changed. I've looked at your account and your Steam library is connected and slowly syncing all the achievement data for individual games (might take a bit, you've got a lot of games and I'm not allowed to DDOS Steam : D).Play Tracker Quest is a part of it that features a monthly achievement hunt that rewards you with a free game for completing thematically connected achievements.It is heavily inspired by Steam's Winter Sale 2011 event - The Great Gift Pile.Sounds like a fun idea, but I'm not about to hand other all my data to some random person on reddit because they asked for it at the moment.Especially when I can't really see how it's funded beyond that Patreon thing.

Looks like a good initiative yet too early to tell anything unless other players feedback that'll come later on, so good luck.Still, I like the idea and I'm intrigued to see how it all works out once the bugs are ironed out.Unfortunately if you were given an error, then the profile was not saved at all (it should say that in the error).Understandable, it's good to be wary nowadays.The core concept of Play Tracker is to showcase your game data, so if you're worried about the privacy of your game data you shouldn't sign up even if you were to trust me completely.

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