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If that girl is not that pretty, she won’t be used to this kind of attention, and even if she is a bit pretty, chances are that she will not get that many guys hitting on her because a lot of men are quite pussies in real life and will not have the balls to gotalk to her but they will have the balls to send her a message on a dating app.I was lucky enough to meet an awesome girl off of tinder, things worked out between us and she gave me her tinder username and password to play around with her profile and see how it is like for a girl on a dating app.These people are hidden in plain sight and easily exploited because they are on the fringes of society.

Go for the sex and let her fight you back with her conditions to give it to you, but if it is becoming an unfair exchange or simply a scam, then abort and seek another girl.It also make her lose sight of the fact that 99% of these guys are after nothing other than a quickie, and that will severely damage her self-esteem if she was expecting anything more than a ONS.And finally, the guys she will deal with in real life will generally treat her in a different way than she would expect from guys she meets off of tinder due to the difference in the frame that both parties are coming from and that will cause some nasty conflicts for the girl.I am going to add a statement that will definitely seem misogynistic to women, but I am trying to be as nice as possible and yet I am being called a misogynistic pig by tens of emails daily, so screw it 🙂You can not and should not exchange anything other than your penis for a vagina.dinner dates and gift showers you give her does not entitle you for sex, only attraction and desire determine if sex is happening.

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