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Later we could imagine seventh step: updates extensions (but it needs another work before that) Note: refer to or any other configured source (for IST per example) Note: A such automatic updater needs 2 things: Absolutely a great idea. As a website administrator who also uses Word Press, I'd strongly recommend reviewing their model and implementation, including giving the admin the ability to Configuring Automatic Background Updates « Word Press Codex.I always turn the automatic background updates off because I want control of the timing and the ability to test before deploying.ACP Just checked into this further and this was my solution to registered users not being able to see the portal.ACP Ok I installed a vanilla version of 3.1.6 and a vanilla version of 3.1.7 pl1 and installed board3 portal on both and the option in the ACP misc tab on 3.1.7 pl1 is missing compared to 3.1.6.Thanks Just checked into this further and this was my solution to registered users not being able to see the portal.Admins and Guests could always see it but when a registered user logged in then it dis-appeared.The auto updater is a bit buggy and is tedious to prepare so I see very little reason to keep it.I would also go down that route =============================================================== With the "One click update" which is basically an automated changed files process the one thing that has to be "replaced" currently is the the vendor folder.

(There's an extension installer there...) For that we'd need to use the branch (rather easy as well).

Unfortunately, I can't reach the ACP for this site anymore. The Drupal site was originally built some months ago at the forums were originally at BB3.

Recently, the organization's old domain name was moved into place so the Drupal sits is now the forums are (as previously indicated) I had looked in some of my php BB3_ tables but completely overlooked _config.

But as we probably might revamp that page altogether I think it's better to just update this now.

Can you also update the links to the styles database in acp_styles.html?

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