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He loves to run beside us as we ride our bikes on the trails and of course he absolutely loves to swim. His duck training has also gone well and I know it probably has more to do with genetics than my training as this is my first duck dog.We had our first hunt last week and he did so good.When she was born, all the human contact you gave the puppies really paid off.She is a very smart dog wanting to learn and learns quickly.

It was a great joy to see a dog just under 7 months old getting a duck I almost for sure would have lost had I not had him there.

She made great strides in the fields for only being 15 weeks old..

My hunting buddies laughed and giggled at how she performed.

______ Stacy and Alex, My wife Tabatha and I realized that we haven’t emailed you to thank you or give you an update since we got our pup.

From the start of looking for a pup up to when we got him, you and your husband made the experience a positive one for us and we want to thank you for that. We have been impressed with his intelligence and so was the vet.

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