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They recorded a total of four studio albums, released eleven singles and went on to sell over fourteen million albums worldwide.

Their first album, S Club, had a strong 1990s pop sound, similar to many artists of their time.

"I wanted to do something very, very different and it doesn't get more different to S Club than Les Mis," he told the London Theatre in 2003.

"It's to stretch myself really, just to prove to me that I can do it." it's been a goal of mine since the show opened," Lee said in 2010, shortly before joining the production. [I feel] blessed to be performing some of The Four Seasons' biggest hits.

The band split in 2003, after they failed to sign with a record label and the number of shows was low.

Due to commitments with S Club 7's reunion Skua found themselves lacking a frontman and the project halted having only released 1 album.

I can't wait." In 2013, Lee released his solo debut, .

We thanku 4 your support over the years x," he wrote. " That lyric from S Club 7's catchy song "S Club Party" may have been true at one point in time (specifically, the new Millennium); however, the British pop group's success on the charts ended almost as quickly as it began.For several years, Spearritt dated her co-star, Andrew-Lee Potts The two broke up in 2013, which Potts confirmed on Twitter.Although the two aren't married, Barrett remains open to the idea, telling Cattermole was the first to leave S Club 7; he left to join another band, Skua, whose Facebook page describes them as a "four piece rock band." Skua didn't release any big hits, and have only a small following on social media; however, as far as we can tell, they appear to still be together, which is pretty impressive in itself. As previously mentioned, Cattermole dated his bandmate Spearritt.Aside from working with Skua, Cattermole has been writing, singing and doing voiceover work. The two initially dated when S Club 7 was in the height of their success but then broke up before getting back together in 2015.

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