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Sinek has also made his website simple and quick to access.Having a simple and clean website design can make a huge difference in how long your audience stays interested in your website’s content.Success mentor Darren Hardy is another fantastic personal branding example done right.Hardy has made a business of helping people learn to become more productive, successful, and well-rounded in whatever they do. Hardy makes it a point to back up his claims rather than trying to convince people of things without any proof.

She’s also a psychologist and professor at Harvard.Software engineer and Dancing Pineapple founder Gary Sheng had the right idea when he created his personal brand– he decided to be genuine.Sheng mastered a way of talking and writing about his work, education, and life that is not only relatable but also easy to digest.Ambiguity doesn’t usually lead to success as an online personality– audiences want to know what you’re about, what you’re doing, and why they should like you.Personal branding involves the use of social media, photos, videos, and products (including you) in order to grab the attention of audiences and keep them interested. That means your work must be well-written, well-marketed, and consistent.

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Cuddy’s success is a testament to how much digital networking and an online presence can evolve your personal brand and carry it up the ladder to success.

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