Obsidian hydration dating on the south coast of peru

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In Andean Archaeology I: Variations in Sociopolitical Organization, edited by W.

Glascock 2000 Locating the Quispisisa Obsidian source in the department of Ayacucho, Peru. 2001 The Puzolana Obsidian Source: Locating the Geologic Source of Ayacucho Type Obsidian. 2002 Tracking the Source of Quispisisa Type Obsidian from Huancavelica to Ayacucho.

D in Anthropological Sciences from Stanford University and more than ten years of archaeological experience in Peru. Santa Barbara and more than ten years of archaeological experience in Peru.

He is currently a Humboldt Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Kiel University, Germany. Berkeley) Nico's research focuses on Andean regional interaction and ancient quarrying with a Ph.

In general, the obsidian quarry pits are ellipsoidal features, carpeted with small discarded obsidian nodules and some flake debris; the pits range from 15 m to 45 m across, and often have substantial berms of excavated material downslope.

Those documented thus far are spread over an area of 90 hectares, and comprise in total a mined surface of at least 13,000 m.

Glascock and José Ccencho 1998 The Jampatilla Obsidian Source: Identifying the Geological Source of Pampas Type Obsidian Artifacts from Southern Peru. INGEMMET, República del Perú, Sector Energía y Metalúrgico, Lima. Glascock and Charles Stanish 2010 Macusani obsidian from southern Peru: A characterization of its elemental composition with a demonstration of its ancient use. Earls, John 1981 “Patrones de jurisdicción y organización entre los Qaracha Wankas: una reconstrucción arqueológica y etnohistórica de una época fluida.” Pp. Following published descriptions of the first geo-archaeological prospection of the source area (Burger and Glascock 2000, 2002), we conducted multiple brief visits to the Quispisisa source area in order to collect geological samples of obsidian, explore any associated archaeological features, and conduct archaeological prospection in the surrounding area. We further explored the area of the deposit encountered by Burger’s team, as well as investigating other outcrops in the region, in order to better document the extent and variability of Quispisisa type obsidian.30 quarry pits (Tripcevich and Contreras 2011). 1973 Mapa geológico del cuadrangulo de Santa Ana (29-ñ). 1993 Geología de los cuadrángulos de Laramate y Santa Ana. Contreras, Daniel A., Nicholas Tripcevich and Yuri Cavero Palomino Craig, Nathan, Robert J. Popelka-Filcoff, Mark Aldenderfer, Luis Flores Blanco, Margaret Brown Vega, Michael D. INGEMMET, República del Perú, Sector Energía y Metalúrgico, Lima.

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