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Hill Harper, another New York Times bestselling author, has a razor thin resume' in the relationship and marital department as well; like me, he joins the nation's largest cohort of confirmed bachelors - Black men 40-plus.

This and the fact that he loves Black women so much that he got an Asian one to be on his arm, doesn't disqualify him from dishing on "Black Love" - with Black women being his biggest financial supporter. Bottomline, there ARE no "qualifications" to be a Black love doctor - well, none in a formal, empirical sense that actually speaks to, you know, actually getting into and maintaining a functional, healthy Black relationship or marriage.

It is a work in progress that will eventually be compiled into an actual textbook manual at some point in the near future. Forward, MOA -Mumia Obsidian Ali is a citizen journalist, podcaster and talk radio show host focused on Black men's issues and can be heard daily on You Tube and Black Avenger TV.

I invite friend and foe alike to come on into the shop, kick the tires and take what I say out on a test drive - and let me know the results!

Jaxn went on to say that he was just giving his opinions on matters of the heart and said, that if you go on stage at a standup comedy club and make people laugh, well, you're a comedian by definition. This sobering fact didn't stop Harvey's book from spending more than a year on the New York Times' bestseller's list.) - who will question my bona fides and fitness to dole out dating and mating advice, despite my oft-repeated statements about being a lifelong confirmed bachelor and self-described hedonist - but that's OK.If there's one thing I've learned in all my years is that the best way to convince anyone that you're for real and the real deal, is to simply show them. This, then, is the first of a series of columns here at the Negro Manosphere - laying out the "Obsidian Method", if you will.The builders used such a perfect material for dating by our modern techniques."Only Nixon could go to China." Last Saturday night I participated in an impromptu discussion with Oshay Duke Jackson, LAR Movement and Solo84 - they were discussing a recent incident in New York City involving a short of stature man's angry ranting at a popular bagel joint (which, by now, I am sure all of you are well-aware of).

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Like any good prototype, this baby needs honest, tough critics. So, yes - yours truly has officially thrown his hat into the dating and mating ring, by popular demand.

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