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In fact, he hesitated a little too long, waiting for my reply. I also wanted to ask why nudists were upset about that? Weren't they all about the natural state of things?

In fact I found his erection far more attractive than his limpness.

I don't usually hang out in the basement with men old enough to be my father. Now it was just Rochelle's (the Nastassja look alike) father and I.

I was kinda stuck at their house and the party moved into the basement. The evening wore on and slowly, slowly, people left. His smile told me he found this amusing, it also suggested flirtation.

I just know that nudity can be exciting when you are new to it. Wasn't sexual excitement more natural than anything else in the world? I had a girlfriend in high school who used to give the most amazing blowjobs,” He leaned over his chair. Unfortunately she gave blow jobs to a lot of guys, but still...” He trailed off, remembering. I'm sorry,” I said, “You are going to think I'm, like, retarded or something, but I can't keep talking about everything under the sun without admitting to you, that I don't know your name.” “Everyone calls me Ash, so you should too,” he said. Horrified, I closed my thighs and actually heard a tacky wet sound. He was watching the movie but noticed my gaze and looked back at me. So much moisture, strings of it stuck together forming little sexual trapeze lines from bare skin to bare skin.

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I looked down and to my horror a sticky, shimmering coating of my own juices covered my thighs.

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