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Singulair has no side effects such as drowsiness or dryness, like antihistamines.Singulair is a leukotriene antagonist, different than antihistamines.Answer: People who have allergies as well as COPD can take antihistamines for their allergies.

Antihistamines can be helpful but are not adequate for a life-threatening situation. I know Sudafed and others are not recommended for COPD patients.

Question: What are the long-term effects of nasal steroid use?

Answer: Nasal steroids - in the usual doses - can be tolerated for long periods of time by most people.

Allegra is an alternative since sleepiness is not a side effect.

Question: Are any over-the-counter allergy medications effective at reducing mild allergy/hay fever experience, I haven't found one that helps at all. Claritin is a non-sedating antihistamine and is now sold over the counter.

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Answer: At certain doses, both Claritin and Clarinex can cause sleepiness.

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