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Still, the pre-Zelle clear Xchange, which wasn’t given a consistent name or look across banks, left room for more-intuitive apps like Venmo to claim a chunk of the market.They had plenty of time to do that, given how long it took for more than 30 banks, normally in competition with each other, to cooperate and release a cohesive product.Referring to the value of owning the platform that consumers directly interact with, Crone says, “The one who enrolls is the one who controls”—a phrase he went on to repeat five times in one conversation I had with him.Crone thinks that banks are worried about Venmo’s ambitions.

Even though digital-payments apps are built on top of banks’ infrastructure, banks wouldn’t see the details of consumers’ spending, but instead just requests from an app to add or withdraw money from an account.Working with retailers would give Venmo a business model similar to credit-card issuers and processors—“but with much more upside,” he says, “because the retailers spend far more trying to get you to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and all these other things that they could just get as a byproduct of the payment.” That is, if someone paid for a taco using Venmo, their friends might see where they ate lunch.One limit on this strategy’s effectiveness is that consumers might not be eager to publicize every one of their purchases.The feed—an emoji-laden stream of often-indecipherable payment descriptions and inside jokes—seems frivolous; it is not a social-media destination in the way that Facebook or Twitter is.But as a public record, it is quite revealing of social dynamics—who’s hanging out with whom, and perhaps where.

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