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“I’d sleep through classes, didn’t take it seriously. “‘It’s not going to be given to you anymore,’ and I learned that the first two semesters when my coach held up those papers…I learned to dig in, something I never did in high school.” The hard work paid off.

This Duke education I had gotten, I was throwing it out the window.” She ended up as the assistant JV basketball coach and as a substitute teacher at Brophy’s sister school, Xavier College Prep, where Cheyenne Woods went,among others.I loved basketball more because it was such a reactionary sport.I loved the team aspect, loved to sweat, loved everything about it.The track was one of Rees Jones’ earliest designs, and Tilghman says it provided the foundation for her success in the game.Additional credit, she says, goes to the fact that she grew up in a house on the third tee of Surf Golf & Beach Club, where her grandfather was a founding member.

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  1. She also played one of “Fantana” girls in the Fanta ad campaigns. Later that same year, she debuted on the big screen playing Harlot, a woman who tries to seduce Dwayne Johnson's The Rock, on the box-office hit “The Scorpion King,” directed by Chuck Russell.