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The dating show which has just finished filming will be titled Megan Wants A Millionaire.

Blonde bombshell and “celebreality” vixen, Megan Hauserman is looking for love — but not with any average Joe.

How about driving Megan to dinner in an Aston Martin, instead of an Escalade? I’m happy I got rid of Prancer, I’m happy I got rid of 20. If I would have kept one of those other people, I probably wouldn’t have won or it would have been a greater challenge.

Or why not take a helicopter ride to Catalina Island instead of the ferry? You eliminated Prancer because she was a threat, right? I mean, I think I still could have taken her, but I thought I owed Tailor Made to stay there.

When I do stuff that’s wrong, like locking Brittaney Starr in the bathroom, I try to act like an angel, too. I don’t remember what they were, but it was just pissing me off.

They were that mad that one of the girls already got sent home.

Below are excerpts from her interview plus more pictures of Farrah below –I didn’t really understand why you were getting so upset at the elimination that led to your dropping out.

I REALLY HATE IT WEN PPL TLK STUFF DAT REALLY ANIT TRUE… Played Herself - Audience Member in "Laugh at My Pain" in 2011.

NBA Hoopz - 2001 VG was released on: USA: 13 February 2001 (Playstation version) USA: 14 February 2001 (Dreamcast version) USA: 27 February 2001 (Playstation 2 version) USA: 28 February 2001 (Gameboy Color version) The cast of Detroit Hoopz - 2005 includes: Amil as herself Julius Austin as Paul Benjamin Clayton as Coach Jones Stacey Dickerson as Stacey Peners Griffin as Joey Paulus Obey as Rock Lamar Pickett as Lamar Allen Gerold Secrest as Micheal Rebecca Shelby as Lisa Fredro Starr as Erick Powell Nicole Alexander has: Played herself in "Chronicle" in 1982. Played Girl Outside Houseboat in "Puff, Puff, Pass" in 2006. Played Collette in "Basket BAll Girlfriends" in 2014.

It was hard to stand there and listen to all their comments, and it was frustrating that Ricki couldn’t hear them. Did Ricki momentarily convince you to stay after that? I know she didn’t want us to leave, but I was thinking at that point that she didn’t know what she was getting herself into.

So it was just comments that bothered you enough to want to leave? Neither did we, and I’m sure the girls felt the same way, because they didn’t want to be around us, either.

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