My girlfriend is dating other guys Fuck now with a credit card

Most women with cervical lesions from HPV have them removed and are completely A-OK to get pregnant.

I don’t know what her “other problem” is but HPV is no biggie, and since you don’t even need to have intercourse to get HPV, the likelihood of the next women you date having HPV also is extremely high. You can stop the cycle of judgmental behavior now, if you realize that you are being selfish and valuing your girlfriend primarily based on sex and procreation: how much sex she had before you, how much sex she’s having with you, and her likelihood of carrying a baby to term.

I believe that the way that you were raised is impacting your ability to be empathic toward your girlfriend.

As I discuss here, when people are taught that sex is shameful, it can significantly mess them up, to the point that they become extremely rigid and judgmental, like you are acting. I completely 100% disagree that a woman’s worth as a human is in any way impacted by the number of penises she has had in her vagina.

You are not concerned at all about making your girlfriend happy.

Or, please, end the relationship so that you do not end up making your girlfriend feel bad about herself for the rest of her life.I assume by “the stage before cancer” you mean she’s had some precancerous lesions on her cervix, and possibly a LEEP or other procedure to remove them.This is extremely common, it is not like brain cancer.I like the principle, “You only live once” especially when it leads to a healthy and enjoyable sex life. Your girlfriend does suffer from low self-esteem, but it’s not the number of men she’s slept with that tells me that, it’s the fact that she is in a relationship with you, a man who is so judgmental and condemning. Why is it okay to have a high sex drive inside a relationship, as you do, but not outside of it, as she did?Research shows that women’s sex drive decreases dramatically in monogamous relationships (read about that and read this whole article here), and I don’t know any woman in a long term relationship that wants sex every day particularly when the man thinks he is entitled to it!

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