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You can't rely on Solutions to manage your build, and Solutions certainly don't offer a scalable build situation.The entire purpose of establishing a build process is to create reliable builds.In fact, the project files handle most of the real dirty work here no matter if you are building from solutions or building from a custom msbuild script.We also use Team City to build and publish applications and we will typically end up with custom msbuild scripts for most projects.So, why should we bother migrating from solution files to an MSBuild 'makefile'?We do have a a couple of releases that differ by a #define (featurized builds) but for the most part everything works.There are two progressive levels of accessibility in the WCAG checklist from the W3C, marked as Priority 1 and Priority 2.With these staged checklists is becomes easier to implement a staged roll out of accessibility to a site.

Establishing a build process requires an investment, but in certain cases, the investment is required.

Even with these checklists, when building large sites with hundreds of pages, the job of checking each item off against your encyclopaedia of pages can be hard to stomach.

This very need has lead to the creation of many different tools to help you scan your site to validate it against these lists – Visual Studio is one of these tools thanks to a nifty little feature that, though not many developers know it, allows you to check your site against the WCAG list without having to leave your favourite IDE. I suggest against this and instead suggest you cut & paste out of the actual output of your page as there can be differences that you miss when validating against a pre-run time page.

Adding Accessibility to a website for access by sight or hearing impaired users is a thought that many developers have post build.

Along with this, when you’re tasked with the job of building an accessible website, Visual Studio probably wouldn’t initially be a tool that comes to mind, but Visual Studio has everyone fooled on this topic as it has this functionality covered, you just need to look a little below the surface.

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