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Particularly when you get into the weight class that Rourke was battling at.

While he did win 6 or the 8 expert battles he was in, 4 of them by knockout, the clench hands of his adversaries were not kind to Rourke’s face.

When a real heart throb in the 1980s, especially in motion pictures like Angel Heart where Rourke played a private investigator in excellent noir style, Rourke underestimated his great looks.

In the wake of acting he went into boxing, where he fared passingly well as an professional contender.

Known under his professional name of Mickey Rourke, he has accumulated his net worth from being a boxer, an actor, screenwriter and music supervision. Sources have estimated that Mickey’s net worth which is currently over million dollars, his wealth having been earned from all the above-mentioned activities.

Mickey Rourke’s father, Philip Andre Rourke Sr., was a body builder, and his mother, Annette Cameron, worked as a police officer.

From 1964 to 1973 his boxing record was twenty-seven wins and three losses, which certainly assisted his net worth.The two reportedly became engaged in November of 2009, with plans to marry at some point in 2010.In case you’re thinking about how to look like Mickey Rourke, terrible plastic surgery and boxing are the solutions for your inquiries.The two wed in 1992, but their affair was tumultuous, with allegations of abuse and substance issues coming from both sides.They divorced in 1998.2009 - Present Mickey Rourke is engaged to Elena Kuletskaya, a Russian model 33 years younger than Rourke .

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He had his nose broken a few times, and his cheekbone was cracked.

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