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Recently after upgrading one Office 365 user from Lync 2010 to Lync 2013, his Outlook 2010 was no longer displaying the "presence" indicators - the little green/red/yellow status bubbles next to people's name.It seems there can be a variety of different causes and fixes, but in this case, the following information is what helped me out. It helps to write this down & keep it in mind during setup.On the “Arrange Fields” screen, drag and drop your fields into rows & columns for an orderly view.What you need to do is to go to the entry for Communicator and change the dword value to 0.The overall process is basically the same as what Office Communications Server does, but with added flexibility of easily customizing some of the timing of the different events.This step should not be necessary under normal circumstances.

For standard 32-bit operating systems the registry path below is the same regardless of the client versions (OC 2007 R2 with July 2009 update or Lync 2010 RC) but previously 64-bit operating systems running the 32-bit only OC 2007 R2 client had to have the setting created under the Wow6432Node policies key.

If you aren’t sure of the URL, use the “Get-Cs Reporting Configuration” Powershell cmdlet to locate it. Once installed/active on the server, select “New Report” in the New Report or Dataset window. On the “Choose a Dataset” screen, select an existing dataset or create a new one. You’re looking for the SQL DB containing the monitoring data relevant to your goals. ) Our Monitoring Server has two data sources – CDRDB and QMSDB.

For the rest of these steps, I consulted the following posts (and encourage you to do the same): Lync 2013 – Creating Custom Lync Reports within Monitoring: Northern UC How to build a custom report for Lync/Skype for Business – Just a Lync Guy Do this via the report page’s URL, plus login & password. If you don’t see Report Builder on the toolbar, either: If you do need the Report Builder application, download it here: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Report Builder (Hopefully we’ll get a new version of this with SQL 2016.) Use your Monitoring Server Reports URL for its Report Server field.

In August I promised a post on creating custom Monitoring Reports. I went with the CDRDB – “Data source associated with the call detail recording (CDR) database” – for now. If prompted for credentials, enter your administrative login & password. Here’s where you build up a SQL query using information from the Monitoring data source.

Here are the previous Monitoring Server posts, for reference: “Which Monitoring Report Should I Use for X? Check the options you want in the Database View list, and modify the fields in the Selected Fields list as needed.

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To trigger an immediate download two steps must be taken on the client workstation.

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