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Let’s face it: No matter how proficient you think you are, every now and then, you could use a little boost to improve your sex life and satisfy your partner. By helping with chores and errands, you make them feel valued.”4. Few things will get you ready to satisfy women quite like getting in regular exercise each day, says Matthew N.Try these simple, achievable sex tips with your lover tonight.1. As time passes in a relationship, it’s easy to get into a rut and just go through the motions, rather than express what you really want (and need) in bed. “Get back to the communication you used to have.”2. This doesn’t sound like a sex tip, but treating your body right with good nutrition helps the whole body, including your libido, says Debbie Mandel, a stress management expert and author of . Simmons, MD, Ph D, of the Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute in Cleveland.“Do it in different places to experience a different energy,” she says. “It is important to be intimate with your mate by touching her with love and affection on a daily basis. If things are getting out of hand, ask your partner to ease up.“Take it outdoors if you are overwhelmed with technology and want to get back your natural rhythm.”18. Kiss daily, and don’t be afraid to allow her to reciprocate.”20. “Frugal” is scheduling a lunch date instead of a dinner date, but “cheap” is telling her she can’t order dessert.“If you’re cheap with money, you’re probably cheap with emotions and possibly in bed, too,” she says.“Since you’re both already sweating, take it to the next level. “Abstinence does make the heart grow fonder and makes you lust after forbidden fruit.”Related: 5 Exercises Men Can Do to Improve Their Sex Life8. Construct a plan for having sex, he suggests: “Setting aside time or arranging opportunities for sex is very important, especially for busy couples or those with children.

But don’t drape your arm around her neck and hold her close the entire time.

“Give attention to some of her most neglected areas, like her neck, her feet, her inner thighs. “Spice things up by planning and discussing variations on your usual sexual habits,” he explains. “You make love with that special someone, but you have sex with anybody.”Related: The History of Smooching19. Even when you’re not having sex, you can still improve your sex life by using touch in an intimate, but not sexual, way.

“Lingerie, toys, new positions, and other creative additions can enhance intimacy and orgasm.”17. Another way to add variety and improve sex life, suggests Mandel, is to try someplace new. “Touching is important, but doesn’t always mean sex,” says Morley. “Penile injury is usually sustained when your partner is on top or when the penis buckles from missed penetration.

“Find a particular feature, and tell her that she is the best in this class,” says Mandel.11. Men like to get excited for better sex, but women are more likely to get in the mood through relaxation.

“Wash her hair in the shower or massage her scalp to relax her,” says Debbie Mandel, a stress management expert and author of .

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Your patience and attentiveness will pay dividends.”13. Natalie Bencivenga, co-founder, editor, and writer of, advises thinking like a woman. “Many guys think that since women get wet, if we aren’t wet, then we aren’t into it,” she says. Sometimes, whether it’s stress, certain times of the month, or fatigue, women can have a hard time getting physically aroused even when they are mentally in the game.

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