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The wife is immature and under-educated, lacking the skills of negotiation.Often, the wife cannot speak out against the husband’s affairs for fear of losing her home and security, especially after she has children. The husband who has adulterous affairs to satisfy his sexual cravings is solidifying his macho reputation among other men.This behavior has caused the term macho to evolve into a term with negative connotations.

The macho ideal was to be a brave, strong, wise and courageous leader.

The macho ideal is one who lives the qualities of chivalry, honesty, responsibility and morality.

The macho man provides for his family, adores his mother and displays all the traits of a good citizen of his community.

This sets the wife up for lack of power and subjects her to domination.

The husband is the head of the home and controller of all finances.

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Machismo is an amalgamation of all those qualities. Join our virtual community by visiting the Hispanic Culture forum!

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