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Some years ago, a cousin did a careful search of the family ancestry on my father’s side that reached as far back to Germany of the 1500s.I wouldn’t be surprised if our family went back to Martin Luther himself when he broke with Rome about 1517 when this disaffected Catholic priest nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church.In fact, they met at the organization’s convention. My parents forbad any smoking, drinking, profanity, gambling, lying, or other “wrong” activities.When they married, they determined to have a thoroughly “Christian” (i.e., Lutheran) home. I considered myself fortunate to be born into a Lutheran family and be a member of the Lutheran Church that had so much history behind it.I personally discovered the truth of Ephesians where the Word is called “the sword of the Spirit” that touches our heart, conscience, and life!My heart was being laid bare day by day, and week by week, as I immersed myself in the sacred contents of the Scriptures.The worship service followed, with all of the formality and ritual by which Lutherans are known.Everything was dignified, proper, and according to the prescribed liturgy for the day.

Luther promoted a belief in justification by faith alone, through Christ alone, based on the Bible alone. Melanchthon, along with other prominent Lutherans, formulated a collection of documents in 1580, including Luther’s Small Catechism, Large Catechism, and other theological statements, called The Book of Concord. But at this period of my mid-teens, I was surprised to discover that the Bible was not a dead book, not a book for religious leaders alone, and not a religious book meant only for superficial reading or devotional reading of the Psalms.

Confessional Lutherans hold strongly to these doctrinal formulations to this day. Instead, I came to see that the Bible was with teaching that addressed the truth of God, and with direction into the will of God.

In this atmosphere of Lutheranism, something amazing and life-changing happened when I was fifteen years of age. I also came to see that the Bible taught against many forms of false teaching and error.

I was born into a devout Lutheran family, was baptized as a child in the Lutheran Church, was faithful in attending the Lutheran Sunday School and church services every week, and was confirmed in the Lutheran Church.

I can recall the days of my childhood, deeply immersed in the Lutheran Church of my family.

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He came to have serious concerns and disagreements with the Roman Catholic Church that had dominated Europe during the long period of the Middle Ages. I asked questions and tried to answer them from God’s word, comparing what I had been taught in my family church with the unerring truth of the Bible.

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