Low self esteem and dating

Others may not realize that they do have problems with their self-esteem because they don’t understand the difference between healthy and low self-esteem.

Whilst the advice is similar for both sexes, this article is going to focus on men with low self-esteem and how their partners can identify the issue and help bring about some form of healing.

They may demand to know what you are doing or where you are going whenever you are apart.

Again, some interest is okay, but when it is invasive and approaches levels of micromanagement, it may be cause for concern. It also serves as a convenient shield to downplay and deflect any kind of compliments or positive reinforcement that may be given.

Self-deprecating humor can be fun in small doses, but it’s also a convenient mask to keep other people from looking too close or dismissing any kind of positive, reaffirming words.

The partner with low self-esteem may not feel like they are deserving of the love or attention of the person that loves them, which can drive all manner of negative behaviors.Some insecurity and reassurance is okay, but a constant need becomes a drain on the person that is being asked to provide it.Constantly needing attention and reassurance erodes relationships.Negative criticism will often be met with hostility and anger.A man with low self-esteem will often take any negative criticism as a personal attack, whether it is or not.

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