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Membership is FREE and the limitations that are imposed on Free members shouldn't deter you from your search or joining.You are however limited in the number of profiles you may view everyday What is wrong with Swing Lifestyle ?No matter where you decide to pick a new partner, keep security in mind. Try Bi Sexual dot com It's completely free, plenty of Straights there, a good chatroom, but no webcams. We've relocated 3 times since joining and have not had any problems meeting other sexy likeminded people, enjoyed their listed parties and made many wonderful friends.For those who can afford it I have the highest praise for Lifestyle Lounge; we sadly dropped our paying memebership there as the area we live has a very small representation but it is hughly successful for most major cities.They are hard to find though because yahoo hides them... We were on there free for about a year before we made enough contacts that it was worth it for us to join. Amorouscouple126 Swing Lifestyle is a good site....however our experience has been that we are much more successful if we communicate with paying members or Life Members.

We have our account blocked to free members so you may not have everyone at your fingertips.You can email anyone (who doesn't have free members blocked) and participate fully that way.You can search, email, add to favourites, view pictures..the core things.I don't have a lot of trust of free members so I prefer to just eliminate them all together.I've paid for the lifetime Swing Lifestyle right up front so I've never tried to use it as a free member but it sounds like you can at least do the bare minimum.

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They are one of the more expensive sites that we looked at. If you don't know if your serious about swinging we're really not interested.

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