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During the initial investigation, we identified the attacks coming from a number of IP addresses linked to web hosting providers.Shortly after that post, most of the IPs involved ceased the activity.The tech support person on the other end is wearing a headset, and looks around. Tech: There's a chick two phones over with a stuffed penguin doll and a poster of some bearded dudes with swords.

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One IP address, however, has continued the attacks.

The IP address in question is, a Rackspace server currently hosting some presumably compromised websites.

On August 23rd, Nin Tech Net released a warning that a vulnerability had been discovered in the plugin and had been under attack since the previous day.


In July, we reported on a malvertising campaign which was distributing redirect and popup code through a number of public vulnerabilities affecting the Word Press ecosystem.Our initial research into this campaign identified the injection of scripts which triggered malicious redirects or unwanted popups in the browsers of a victim site’s visitors.Since that time, the campaign has added an additional script which attempts to install a backdoor into the target site by exploiting an administrator’s session.You will also need to check for other potential access (wordpress is a good candidate but not the only one) and backdoors they may have left (i.e.ways to regain access such as a new user or reverse shell) If you have a backup it would be best to update that & rebuild from the basic server. delete the current live version & start from the backup or a clean build.

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