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A couple of big malls you can try out are Dream Town and Sky Mall.Maiden Square is another place that will have some good day game options for you.There are two different strategies here that will work pretty well.The first one is trying to spend some time with the girl the first night you meet her and treat it like a date from that point on.The girls don’t speak English well, they probably are better at texting it than speaking it.That makes day game pretty hard, but we will still give you some options for that.

That is just the dating culture here, the girls seem to be much more receptive at night.It usually takes 3 dates with Ukrainian women to get laid, if you are lucky you might get it in two, if you are really lucky you might get it in 1. If she is agreeing to go out on a second or third date that means she does have some interest and things are progressing well for you.The biggest factor when it comes to trying to hook up will be that you probably speak different languages.Sometimes it can be better to go to the ‘foreigner hunter’ singles bars like The Bar where women are specifically targeting you.Other times it can be better to go to places like UBK where you are one of the only foreign men around.

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