Korean man dating white female

I'd bet that the majority of White male/Asian female couples you see are legit and happy couples that just so happen to be of different ethnicities.

Asian women in general seem to be more interested in their appearance than white women in general. That, in my experience, is enough to land 80% of Asian women.When Japan had its economic miracle (which lasted about 40 years) no one cared much about it, until that last 15 years when cars and electronics from Japan were crushing their stateside competition.In a fit of me-tooism, companies who's advertising had migrated from Radio Shack level product photography, and right through borrowed imagery (we'll show a race car so folks know our "hub" is fast! Because if the company couldn't be Japanese, at least they could make their products look like an Asian wanted to purchase them.OKCupid, which loves to crunch data, came out with an analysis in 2009 showing that Asian men face a statistical disadvantage in dating, across all races, while Asian women do not.This alone would explain the imbalance that you see.

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I'd say for every white girl who only acts like she gives a shit, there are 5 Asian girls who actually are willing to chat or meet up. Asian girls make an effort to be nice and, frankly, attract men.

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