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"It's kind of become that the world is on one big reality show and we're all contestants trying to compete to show whose life is the best," Stolz said.

"I think what's funny is that we've stopped experiencing life for the experience.

To answer that: I’m extremely open with my sexuality.The wake-up call was getting caught."I had a very sort of flirtatious, maybe not such a loyal conversation with an ex, and it quickly turned from facebook chat to g-chat and then we were texting," Stolz told CBS News.The person Stolz was dating at the time saw those texts and immediately broke up with Kim."I've always been someone that my friends would comment over and over again like, 'oh there's Kim with her phone again,' 'oh you're the most socially social media addicted person we've ever met,'" Stolz said.Kim's parents also noticed she was always attached to her phone."I remember seeing her in the pool with her phone, I thought, she's in the pool with her phone?

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