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Sex is more fun when you are relaxed and confident, and being informed can help you enjoy the experience without anxiety spoiling the moment.

What’s more, with the wide range of condoms, lubricants and sex toys from Durex, sex can be better as well as safer.”USI are delighted to work once again with Durex.

Speakers at the two-day conference, which is taking place at the Camden Palace Hotel, will cover a diverse range of topics including sexual confidence and health, prostitution, trafficking, and sexuality in older age. Mc Kinney said there is a misconception that “whether you’re gay or straight, you cease being a sexual being once you get older”.

The typical sexual being is the young, thin, tanned woman. He stated that when the issue is raised it can get “a negative reaction, ‘Oh God, that’s disgusting, that’s gross’.” “Older people are often the objects of fun and derision [when it comes to sex].” He noted that older people need to be made aware of the dangers of contracting sexually-transmitted infections, as the occurrence of STIs in older age groups is on the rise.

Ugly Mugs is a service that aims to improve the safety of sex workers in Ireland and reduce crimes committed against them, by providing a platform for them to share information about potential dangers.

Smith said she will be discussing “the reality of sex work as opposed to the sensational side that is reported”.

She added that her goal is for “non-judgemental support services” to be established for sex workers in Ireland.

Almost a third of Irish men and women (30 per cent) NEVER receive any sexual health education at school, a figure significantly above the global average of just 22 per cent, a new survey from Durex reveals.

Today at 1.30 pm Lucy Smith from Ugly Mugs and a number of sex workers will be speaking about the realities of prostitution and trafficking.

The petition has been signed by over 2,000 people in less than 24 hours and refers to the incomplete proposed changes to the Children and Families Relationship Act which only covered a small number of same-sex parents.

On uplift.ie, Ranae writes about herself and wife Audrey’s situation: “My wife Audrey and I have two beautiful daughters. We did Reciprocal IVF which means we used Audrey’s eggs to conceive and I carried the babies. Audrey is their biological parent and I am their birth parent.

Susan Donlon, coordinator for prevention education and training at the Dublin Aids Alliance says: “This is our ninth year supporting Durex with National Condom Week and we did not hesitate to commit our time and energy again.

We are thrilled that this year Durex has supplied us with 30,000 condoms to distribute to communities throughout Ireland, including young people and at risk groups.

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