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When Kong discovers Jack and Dwan escaping, he violently kills the snake and chases them through the jungle back to the native village.

Smashing down the huge gates, Kong falls into a pit trap that Wilson and the crew have dug, where he is overwhelmed by chloroform.

It won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and was also nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Sound.

Of the three King Kong films, it is the only one to feature the World Trade Center instead of the Empire State Building.

Prescott reveals himself when he warns the crew that the cloud bank may be caused by some unknown, and potentially dangerous, phenomenon.

Wilson orders Prescott locked up, believing him to be a spy from a rival oil company.

It is a remake of the 1933 film of the same name about a giant ape that is captured and taken to New York City for exhibition.After Dwan is rescued, the captain of the Petrox Explorer orders the hold to be flooded, but Kong becomes calm and allows Dwan to climb back out.When they finally reach New York City, Kong is put on display, bound in chains with a large cage around his body from the neck down and a large crown on his head.Although he is an awesome and terrifying sight, the kind-hearted Kong quickly becomes infatuated by Dwan, whose rambling monologue both calms and fascinates the great ape, taming his baser, more violent instincts.After Dwan falls into mud, Kong takes her to a waterfall to wash her up and dries her with great gusts of his warm breath.

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