Intimidating your boss

Signs of a jealous boss include belittling your accomplishments, constant needling, unfair criticism, withholding information, ignoring your comments in meetings and assigning you unimportant projects that won’t catch the eye of higher-ups in the company.

You need to recognize bullying early and get the support of your coworkers, so it’s not you acting alone to tell the employer that this is wrong.Of course, none of us can afford to lose your livelihood. But nobody deserves cardiovascular disease because of a damn paycheck. You often need someone to say, “Bob’s an idiot, get another job.” Don’t isolate. Working for a boss who resents you for excelling at your job is a crazy-making experience.But with a bullying boss, there’s no celebratory end stage.In our 2014 survey, 56% of bullies in American workplaces are bosses.

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