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Most of the perks offered—such as the ability to swipe right on an unlimited number of potential matches—only make a difference for the heaviest power users.If you find a service you really like and want to see what additional features could do for you, don’t let me stop you.Don't Bother Paying at First Most dating apps have both a free and paid version.Choosing not to shell out for the paid membership option won’t stop you from meeting the partner of your dreams.Don’t include the same picture you use as your Facebook profile image in your dating profile.

Oftentimes, it doesn’t permit users to send photos or links—just text messages, gifs, and emoji.

"Must Love Dogs" is like a puppy with big brown eyes and a wagging tail who weeps with eagerness to lick your hand, but you take a look around the pound and decide to adopt the sad-eyed beagle who looks as if she has seen a thing or two.

In dogs, as in love stories, it is better to choose wisdom over infatuation.

But keep in mind that friends and family, whose photos may be on your Instagram, might not necessarily be comfortable being seen by strangers as part of your dating activity.

At the very least, before you link your Insta to a dating app, review everything you’ve posted—you might find a particularly intimate or revealing upload you forgot about.

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Removing a dating app from your phone won’t necessarily erase your profile.

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